This is a site where one can write to me about how they are feeling or what they are angry about.


My name is Keishy and i have often wondered, who can i talk to? as i sometimes feel lonely and want to speak to someone but i am too afraid they will judge me, or better yet..not listen to me..or fill me up with advice..talking to a stranger could help me but who?


I met up with a stranger one day and told her my story, she never judged me but listened to me, today we are best friends, only because she listens and never judges. I can tell her anything and everything and i have never heard her speak about it, even to my family or my closest friends.


If you want to say something but do not want to talk to people you know, simply drop me an email and i will get back to you


I am just paying forward what was given to me and making friends in the process